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The J’y vais sur-le-champ (The time is ripe to work on a farm) campaign continues this fall!

COVID-19 has brought on its share of challenges, including a labour shortage. With much fewer foreign workers in the country this year, AGRIcarrières and the UPA jointly launched the J’y vais sur-le-champ campaign to recruit Quebec workers.

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15 October 2020

Thanks to support from the Quebec government, the spring campaign and its incentives were a big success—so it is back again this fall! “So far, Quebecers have answered the call. The harvest season is still not over, especially in the apple sector, and the back-to-school season means farmers will once again have needs that need to be met quickly,” stated UPA President Marcel Groleau, who pointed out that students account for nearly half of the workers recruited since the beginning of the J’y vais sur-le-champ! campaign. Need help with recruitment or human resources management? In collaboration with the province’s agricultural employment centres (CEAs), our SCFs can provide advice to help you upgrade skills within your current labour team and streamline your recruitment process.

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