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The next generation of farmers is flourishing in Gaspésie–les-Îles!

SCF Gaspésie–les-Îles is here to coach you through the farm transfer process. Our advisors will be at your side to help you and the new generation of farmers through the transition, from start to finish.

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15 October 2020

The young farmers’ federation (FRAQ) of Gaspésie–les-Îles has also developed a series of online videos entitled “Visage de la relève agricole” (The face of young farmers) to showcase the dynamic and creative farmers based in the region. They also provide an authentic portrait of our young farmers’ experiences. The SCF invites you to watch these videos and witness the vibrant agricultural scene in the Gaspésie–les-Îles region for yourself! It’s a good way to stay motivated and focused on your goals no matter how complicated your process is.


To find out more and to watch the videos, click here.

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