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SCF Conseils Bas St-Laurent Inc.

The SCF Conseils Bas-Saint-Laurent region is a 300-kilometre stretch of land between La Pocatière and Les Méchins with a total surface area of approximately 22,000 square kilometres. With the St. Lawrence River to the north and New Brunswick and Maine to the south, our region is noted for its diversified agriculture and agri-food sector offering a wide range of products that are a source of pride for our farmers.

Agriculture and forestry are significant contributors to the regional economy in Bas-Saint-Laurent. They represent the lifeblood of many municipalities. This is why it is so important to work together to ensure these sectors flourish and grow.

The farming world — our passion

A unique regional service hub

At SCF Bas-Saint-Laurent Inc., our mission is to provide professional accounting and tax services for the region’s farm and forestry producers. Our team of professionals—which includes tax experts, accountants, agricultural economists, and technicians—is here to guide you through the different stages of your business.

With offices in Rimouski, Saint-Antonin, and La Pocatière, SCF provides customized services close to home. Think of us as business partners standing by to guide you in your undertakings. We’re here to help take your business where you want it to go.

SCF Conseils Bas St-Laurent Inc.

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Advice for start-ups

Business planning, financing, legal issues... it can be hard to know where to start. Are you wondering what agricultural and commercial grants are out there for start-ups and how to apply? That’s our specialty! We know the available assistance programs inside out—and all the paperwork you’ll need to access them.

Advice to simplify your life

When it comes to managing your day-to-day business, leave it to the professionals! Let us handle your income tax returns, financial statements, bookkeeping, and payroll. The SCF Mauricie team can take care of all these key processes for your business—both efficiently and promptly.

Improve your performance

Keep your business’s financial health in tip-top shape! We can draw up an up-to-date financial portrait for your business: debts, borrowing capacity, production costs, financial ratios, strengths, and areas for improvement. We also put these data in historical perspective to help your business succeed.

Farm management: getting it right

Imagine the day when it’s time for you to step away from farming. This decision can be a very emotional one—a situation we understand all too well. That’s why it’s so important to make an informed choice. The team at SCF Mauricie has been there for you through the years as you operated your business, and we want to stay by your side at this critical stage.

Agri programs

When it’s time to prepare your financial statements or income tax returns, few accounting firms take the time to properly prepare your AgriStability and AgriInvest data—but these numbers need to be consistent with your financial statements.

Do you have further questions?

SCF Conseils and its partners work all across Quebec. Our team includes over 300 specialists who are passionate about the farming world and serve over 13,000 businesses. Our network’s cooperative model means more farmers have access to cutting-edge expert advice at rates they can afford, all across the province. Find out more today!


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How do the services provided by SCF Conseils and its partners differ from those of other firms?

SFC Conseils professionals and partners specialize in agriculture and are intimately aware of the issues affecting the industry. This makes them more effective and better positioned to meet farmers’ needs.

Who should I go to for services?

SCF Conseils partners are located all across Quebec. Visit the service hub for your administrative region.

What about your rates?

Because SFC Conseils professionals and partners specialize in agriculture and know the industry inside out, they work more efficiently on their cases. The time saved is reflected in our clients’ bills.

Can I gift farm assets to my children?

Certain provisions in the federal Income Tax Act and Quebec’s Taxation Act allow a person who has used farm assets in the course of operating a farm business to transfer them to a child or even a grandchild, tax-free. Highly specific conditions do apply, however.

If I sell farmland, can the gain be tax-exempt?

Exemptions are possible for capital gain arising from the sale of land used for a farm business. However, very strict conditions apply. For example, renting land to a farmer does not make it an eligible asset. Also, if the income derived from the agricultural operation is too low, the gain from the sale of land may be taxable.

Is it a good idea to buy next year’s inputs (seeds, fertilizer, etc.) now for tax purposes?

For tax purposes, the revenue of a farm business can be calculated on a cash basis. In this calculation, the revenue generated during the fiscal year is added and the expenses paid that same year are subtracted. This means that if a farmer purchases inputs at the end of the current year but plans to use them next year, the farmer could still subtract that expense in the current year, which would reduce the taxable income accordingly.

Is it a good idea to participate in Agri programs administered by the Financière agricole du Québec?

The Agri programs were developed to allow farmers to manage the risks that come with income fluctuations. For example, AgriInvest is an individual program based on savings. A farm business can make an annual deposit into an account and in turn receive matching government contributions (up to $10,000).

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284, rue Potvin
Rimouski, Québec

Centre de services 125, rue du Carrefour
St-Antonin, Québec

1120, 6e Avenue, bureau 100 La Pocatière, Québec
Téléphone : (418) 723-2424
Télécopieur : 1-800-463-8001